Turkish Cypriots paying a high price for Turkish water

The dam in Gecitkoy (Panagra)
By Kyriacos Kiliaris
Turkish Cypriots are complaining that they are paying a very high price for the water coming from Turkey with water being sold at a price more than double the old in some councils in the north compared to the old price applicable before the arrival of the Turkish water.

Turkish Cypriot Newspaper Havadis, compared the councils' water bills to find that councils in the north paid the authorities 3.2 million Turkish Lira more in August 2017 compared to Augustus 2016. Councils had paid a total of of 3.8 million TL for water from Turkey where as the price they paid for water supply, before the arrival of the Turkish water, in August 2016 was 553,000 TL.

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As estimated by the paper the councils were paying on average 20-30,000 TL per month, with the cost rising to an average 100,000 TL after the arrival of the water from Turkey. The Turkish Municipality of Nicosia's (LTB) bill for water in August 2017 was five times more than that of August 2016. LTB's billing for August 2016 was 149,000 TL while the bill for the same month in 2017 reached 820,000.

Meanwhile, councils in some cases sell the water to consumers at a price which in some cases is double the price they are charged with Turkish Cypriots also complaining of injustice in setting the price as each of the 28 councils in the north is fixing the price according to their own criteria. Prices range from 15 TL (€3.80) to 62 (€15.68) TL for ten tonnes of water. Consumers in the past have complained that the councils are trying to cover other costs by raising the price of the water even more.

The new water price was implemented a year ago upon the completion of the water transfer project from Turkey. The new price for councils set was set at 2.30 TL from 0.25 TL last year, with the price set to include the cost of the water and the investment made. Money collected from water bills is paid directly to Turkey as part of the agreement made.


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