Woman jailed for illegal abortion in north

By Kyriacos Kiliaris

By Kyriacos Kiliaris
A Kyrenia court has sentenced to nine months imprisonment a young Turkish Cypriot woman for ending her pregnancy after the 10 week period allowed by the regulations.
The court found Melis Akcal guilty of ending her pregnancy in an illegal manner in the 17th week, while there was no health reason to justify such a deed. The abortion was carried out in the Kyrenia Ada Hospital back in 2014.
Judge Mesut Mesutoglu, while reading the sentence also stressed that the abortion was carried out without the knowledge and approval of her fiancé who was the father of the child.
Mesutoglu said that the crime that Akcal was charged with, could bring about an imprisonment of up to seven years, however the court took in mind that the culprit has a clean criminal record and sentenced Akcal to only nine months imprisonment.
After the reading of the decision by the judge, both her father and mother were taken to hospital as they had fainted in the courtyard.
The court is expected to announce its decision regarding the doctors of the Kyrenia Ada Hospital, where the abortion was carried out, on Thursday.


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