Akinci: "I don't expect a new initiative"

By Kyriacos Kiliaris

Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci said that he does not expect a new initiative regarding the Cyprus problem to be made over the next few months leading up to the presidential elections in the south of the island.

Speaking at the Ercan (Tymbou) airport before his departure for New York, where he is to have a series of meetings on the sidelines of the UN summit, Akinci said that the Greek Cypriot needs to clarify its thoughts on how they perceive their relationship with the Turkish Cypriots. Akinci added that he is to transfer to the Secretary General that “otherwise we don't believe that an open ended negotiation will lead anywhere”.

Akinci, who is accompanied by the Turkish Cypriot chief negotiator Ozdil Nami, is to meet with Antonio Guterres on Friday. He added that his trip to New York is important for two reasons. Firstly as it the meeting will take place after the collapse of the Conference on Cyprus in the Swiss resort of Crans Montana in Switzerland. The other reason is that we will have the chance to meet before the Secretary General presents his report regarding the negotiations to the UN security Council.
The Turkish Cypriot leader said that what is important for the Turkish Cypriots is not who will be elected president but what ideas will be put forward by the new president.

“The Greek Cypriots have the chance to re-evaluate the facts during this period. I hope that they will evaluate the facts in a healthy way and decide on what kind of future they see regarding their relationships with Turkish Cypriots”

He said that an open ended negotiation conducted with the same understanding and method will only lead to the same result.

Akinci added that although it is clear that the conference in Switzerland and the discussion on the land matter was a result of the efforts of the TC side along with Turkey's support, the Turkish Cypriot community is still living under the embargo and without their status being clarified.
“I believe that the UN need to do whatever they can to clarify the status of the Turkish Cypriots” added the Turkish Cypriot leader.

The Turkish Cypriot leader said that the TC side wishes to continue to on a path which aims to lead to results. He added that he expects that the SG will want to re-evaluate the situation after the presidential elections in the south.

“The main topic we will talk about is what will happen after the collapse” stated Akinci. He said that he does not expect the SG to blame any side for the collapse, rather he expects an objective report “betraying what happened based on truths”.

Mustafa Akinci also made comments regarding the island's energy reserves, saying that they belong to all Cypriots and the “fact that they are being exploited one sided is causing tension and Guterres needs to take this into consideration”.


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