Dherynia beach closed for military exercise

The Dherynia beach situated in the Turkish military controlled part of Famagusta, which was the subject of heated debates after the opening only for Turkish citizens and Turkish Cypriots in August was closed to the “public” on Wednesday.

The beach which opened on 26 August was closed yesterday due to exercises by the Turkish military and is expected to be closed for three days towards the end of the month (21,22,26 September) due to more military exercises.

The decision was the cause of heated reactions by NGOs and many Turkish Cypriot political organisations and parties condemning the act as racist towards Greek Cypriots and a violation of human rights. 
Turkish Cypriots or Turkish citizens allowed to enter the beach, must first leave their identity cards with the guards at the entrance and take a “blue card” with which they can retrieve it upon exiting.
Turkish military did not even allow journalists from Yeniduzen and the Turkish Cypriot public television BRT to film the opening of the beach. Meanwhile entrance to the beach will not be allowed to non military staff after October 29.


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