TC coalition members fail to make the grade

By Kyriacos Kiliaris

Turkish Cypriots are unsatisfied with the performance of the ruling coalition in the north and have given all its members a failing grade. An opinion poll conducted by the Center for Migration, Identity and Rights Studies in the north shows that Turkish Cypriots do not give any of the members a passing grade when asked “Which minister, and how much do you trust him/her?

The opinion is conducted every three months and asks for the opinion of Turkish Cypriots on various matters concerning their community. According to relevant sector of the poll conducted in July 2017, Turkish Cypriots gave all members of the coalition a grade lower than 5 out of 10.
Most trusted by the public is the head of the coalition and president of the National Unity Party (UBP) Huseyin Ozgurgun scoring just 4.16 out of 10.
Ozgurgun is followed by three ministers who score just above 4. It's worth noting that the coalitions second in command, and head of the finance office Serdar Denktash's name appears last on the list scoring 3.64.


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