Turkish Cypriots pessimistic over economy's prospects

Turkish Cypriots consider the state of economy in the north of Cyprus to be the biggest problem affecting their daily lives.
According to a survey conducted by The Center for migration in July 2017, identity and rights Studies (CMIRS), found that 69.8% of the people asked, believe that the economy in the north will worsen over the next couple of years with a 43.5% saying that they expect their personal financial state to follow the same course. Meanwhile, 46.5% believe that their financial state will remain the same.
The survey takes place every three months and to measure the sense of political and social trust and happiness amongst the Turkish Cypriot community and to what extent they interact and affect the lives of people living in the north.
Mine Yucel, the head of the center, told Turkish Cypriots reporters that 88.8% of people asked believe that developments in the north are going towards the wrong direction.
Yucel said the 40% of the participants said they lived under difficult economic conditions while only a 15% stated that they lead a financially comfortable life. Some 45% of the participants said that they lead an average life from a financial perspective.
“This is an indicator of the financial justice” in the north said Yucel.


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